Molière 21

Molière 21 focuses on the famous author of French theatre, Molière (1622-1673). This website complements the printed edition of Molière’s oeuvre that was published in Paris in 2010. It offers a variety of material:

  • ‘Base de données intertextuelle.’ A database with a large number of texts or text extracts that are related to Molière’s comedies. They come from the 17th century and are written by a variety of authors. They can be browsed by author, title, genre, and subject. They are shown in modern edition, and accompanied by annotations.
  • ‘Visualisation des variantes textuelles.’ A visualization tool that makes it possible to compare different versions of Molière’s texts. Texts are shown in modern edition.
  • ‘Ressources.’ Diverse texts – both primary and secondary – can be found here. This also includes a large collection of related texts from the 17th century. Some of them are shown on this website (in modern edition), while for others a link is available that leads to a digitized version on another website.

Basic search in the entire collection is possible.

‘Molière 21’ has been developed between 2007 and 2012 at the Université de Paris-Sorbonne, with the financial support of the Agence nationale de la recherche.

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