Modern Greek Philosophy Research Centre - Ἐργαστηρίου Ἐρευνῶν Νεοελληνικῆς Φιλοσοφίας

The Modern Greek Philosophy Research Centre is part of the Department of Philosophy, Paedagogy, and Psychology at the University of Ioannina. It houses collections of rare historical-philosophical information on the life and works of modern Greek philosophers (from the mid-15th century to the present day), old prints, manuscripts, and visual material. Their website contains a large amount of information and sources about modern Greek philosophy. In November 2014, about 34.500 works and biographical entries were available, as well as historical-philosophical, literary, and palaeographical documentation, information about 12.500 authors, and 150.000 digitized pages of old texts and articles.

All primary sources can be found under the section ‘Digital Library.’ They are sorted alphabetically according to author. Each text is accompanied by a detailed table of contents. For a large number of documents, contents and abstracts are available – most of which in English. In addition, Greek summaries are provided for texts written in other languages. For an increasing number of documents, digitized versions of the originals are available, in PDF format.

The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Greek Ministry of Finances.

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