Medic@ - Histoire Médecine Bibliothèque Numérique
Initiated in the autumn of 2000, Histoire Médecine Bibliothèque Numérique is the digitization project of the BIUM ("Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de médecine", Paris) Department for the History of Medicine. The project has been developed for providing Web access to electronic resources dealing with the history of medicine and dentistry, in a field (health) where online publications are used daily. Medic@ will promote multidisciplinary topics that broaden the perspectives of the field and place medical practice within a larger context (scientific, social and artistic). Examples: Ancient Physicians’ Corpus (history of medicine, philology, ancient history), Melancholy (humanities, medicine, psychology, psychiatry), E.-J. Marey (cardiology, physiology, cinema, photography, art). All kinds of documents are forming the digital library: monographs, journals, articles, dissertations, dictionaries, reports, manuscripts. French texts will predominate but foreign language documents are being digitized when necessary to enrich the corpora. The digital library is organized like a traditional collection and includes several series: • Ancient Physicians’ Corpus : the most important editions of classical sources from the XVIth to the XIXe centuries. • Medieval Medicine : authors and major texts. • References : the major dictionaries of the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries; the Dictionary of Eponymic Syndromes, which includes descriptions of the first published syndromes ; medical journals (hygiene, public health, surgery, tropical medicine) from the first issue up to the 1930s ; the catalogue of Parisian medical dissertations. • Epidemics and diseases : diachronic presentation of some diseases. • History of medicine and medical institutions : syntheses dating back to the XVIIth century, history of the Faculté de Médecine of Paris (Paris Medical School), history of its library. • Physicians and Scholars : the works of major authors. • Medical Specialties : sources of medical specialties. • Miscellaneous : other texts and files (catalogues of surgical instruments, etc.). These series include files (i.e. Bichat, Daremberg, Doyen in the series "Physicians and Scholars"), accompanied by one or more papers written by specialists (principally original articles).

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