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The Marxists Internet Archive (MIA) focuses on Marxist writings and writings that are relevant to the understanding of Marxism. In August 2014, 592 authors were present, representing a spectrum of political, philosophical, and scientific thought. Two sections of the website contain primary sources:

  • Library. Marxist books and books on related topics. They come mainly from the 19th and 20th century, but there are also texts from other periods in history that deal with topics related to the Marxist writings (such as political economy, utopianism, and ethics). MIA contains these writings with translations in 45 different languages. It is possible to search the entire collection, the works of a specific author, or works written in a specific language. It is also possible to browse works, sorted according to author, language, or subject. Texts are given in modern edition. Certain works can also be downloaded as eBook in prc, epub, mobi, and odt formats. There are also some books available as Audio books.
  • History. Material regarding revolutions of working classes over the world, such as archival documents and posters. The material is ordered according to country. Texts are shown in transcription; images can be downloaded in JPEG format.

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