The European Digital Library of Written Cultural Heritage, the Manuscriptorium project, creates a virtual research environment providing access to all existing digital documents in the sphere of historic book resources (manuscripts, incunabula, early printed books, maps, charters and other types of documents). These historical resources, otherwise scattered in various digital libraries around the world, are now available under a single digital library interface. The service provides seamless access to more than 5 millions of digital images. The interface was designed for easy searching and viewing the documents, allowing creation of personal collections and virtual documents. The content providers can use various services and tools developed for easy aggregation and integration of heterogeneous digital content." This new prototype is replacing the former Manuscriptorium project and was made possible trough the implementation of the ENRICH project (European Networking Resources and Information concerning Cultural Heritage) Searching inside "Manuscriptorium"
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  • "ENRICH is a targeted project funded under the eContent+ programme. Its objective is to provide seamless access to distributed digital representations of old documentary heritage from various European cultural institutions in order to create a shared virtual research environment especially for study of manuscripts, but also incunabula, rare old printed books, and other historical documents. It builds on the Manuscriptorium Digital Library that has already managed to aggregate data from 46 collections from the Czech Republic and abroad. The project groups together almost 85% currently digitized manuscripts in the national libraries in Europe. These collections will be enhanced by substantial amount of data from university libraries and other types of institutions. The consortium will make available more than five million digitized pages. Manuscriptorium is a result of 15 years of work and development carried jointly by two important Czech institutions: AIP Beroun Ltd. and the National Library of the Czech Republic. It is the richest digital manuscript resource in Europe putting at disposal more than one million digitized pages, having a safe digital archive, enjoying of state support for digitization, and talking in Czech and English languages. Ca. 50% of its users come from abroad and it operates a special clone for support of teaching and learning in secondary schools. Its origins are in the Memory of the World programme of UNESCO; therefore, the National Library of the Czech Republic received the UNESCO world Jikji award in 2005. The Manuscriptorium-related digitization knowledge and know-how have been taught and shared in many countries of the world."

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