Mémoire vive. Patrimoine numérisé de Besançon

Mémoire vive contains the digitized material from the library, the city archives, and the five museums (namely, the Musée des Beaux arts et d’Archéologie, Musée Comtois, Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation, Musée du Temps, and Musée d’histoire naturelle) of the French city of Besançon.

Many different types of material are available, such as old photographs taken at Besançon, paintings, sculptures, archaeological finds, postcards, and parish records.

The material can be accessed in various ways:

  • Basic or advanced search
  • ‘Collections.’ Material is sorted according to theme, type, or institution
  • ‘Découverte.’ Various groups of images are shown: for example, virtual exhibitions or most consulted images

Each image is accompanied by information about it. Material is shown in high definition, and can be downloaded in JPG format.

This website is maintained by the city of Besançon.

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