LW1944 contains digitized versions of the aerial photographs of Denmark from 1944 (scale 1:20.000) that are present in Det Kongelige Bibliotek (Danish Royal Library). All photos have been localized and placed over a modern-day map of Denmark, so that together they form a large mosaic. In December 2015 over 75% of the collection had been digitized.

Under ‘Kortvisning’ users view a map of Denmark (coming from Google Maps), with the 1944 aerial photos placed over it. By zooming in on the map, users reach the individual 1944 photos. It is also possible to search for a certain place.

The website also offers information about the collection. In addition, users have the opportunity to share their own stories of historical interest, or comment on other people’s stories (these stories can be found under ‘Brugerhistorier’).

The project is a collaboration between Det Kongelige Bibliothek and JO Informatik ApS.

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