A London provisioner’s chronicle, 1550-1565

A London provisioner’s chronicle, 1550-1565, by Henry Machyn provides online access to the English-language chronicle that Henry Machyn, a provisioner and tailor in London, wrote in the 1550s and 1560s. This chronicle survives in a single manuscript, British Library MS Cotton Vitellius F.v. In the early eighteenth century the 162 leaves of the diary were badly damaged in a fire, and portions of the outside margins and the top of the text were charred or burned away. Fortunately extensive selections had been published by the historian John Strype, who had used the manuscript before the fire, and it is possible to supply many missing portions by consulting his historical works. This website provides images of the manuscript, a transcription, and a rendering in modern English.

Transcription and modernization are shown simultaneously. They are linked to the corresponding digitized folios, which are shown in high definition.

Basic and advanced search are possible. It is also possible to browse the full manuscript, or to jump directly to a year.

The project is hosted by Michigan Publishing, a division of the University of Michigan Library.

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