Letonica - Latvian National Digital Library
"The Latvian National Digital Library “Letonica” since 2006 [...] is digitising the collections of the National Latvian Library and other similar organisations, [...]. Digitising works at the NLL started in 1999. At present the Digital Library holds digitised collections of":
  • Newspapers for the first half of the 20th century,
  • Graphic documents, Poster in Latvia 1899 – 2000: ca. 600 posters and Latvian History of Civilization in Images. Part A: Portraits: database contains 3700 portraits from the collection of the NLL and the State Archive of Latvia. Their originals (drawings, silhouette portraits, daguerreotypes and photographs) have been created prior to 1914.
  • Maps: Latvia in the 16th – 18th Century: 130 maps of Latvia or its historical regions. ,
  • Sound Recordings and Scores: 2005 scores of symphonic music with orchestra voices by Latvian authors. The Digital Library comprises popular compositions, which are not published and are available only in a written form and Wax cylinders: Insight into the records found in wax cylinders stored at the Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts.
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