Les gazettes européennes du 18e siècle

Project by the Centre d'études du 18e siècle of the University Lumière in Lyon offering online access to several French language gazettes of the 18th century: "French language gazettes cover the history of 18th century Europe and show the self-image that Europe constructed in the political press in the course of the century. They highlight its shared values and culture, national stereotypes and the constitution of the concept of a "frontier" of European civilization (the place of Russia and its empire, the position of Turkey). This crucial archive for eighteenth century research is difficult to access (collections are incomplete and scattered in libraries around the world). Therefore, as part of a network of ongoing collaboration and development, our team has chosen to make the text of the gazettes that are being studied available to the scientific community and the general public." At the moment users can consult the following gazettes:

  • La Gazette de Leyde (1775-1789)
  • Le Courrier d'Avignon (1775-1778)
  • La Gazette de Nice (17 août 1772 - 1er juillet 1774 (?))

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