Le Règne d’Astrée

L’Astrée is a pastoral novel by Honoré d’Urfé, published between 1607 and 1627. This website is entirely dedicated to this work. It contains various types of primary sources:

  • Texte. An edition of the work. The work consists in five parts, of which in January 2016 the first two were available online. The first part is available in both the edition of 1607 and of 1612, while the second part is available in the edition of 1610 and of 1614. The text is presented in XML TEI format. It can be browsed by book.
  • Récritures et adaptations. Various rewritings and adaptations of L’Astrée: L’Inconstance d’Hylas (1635), Cléomédon (1636), Astrée. Première partie (1678), and La Nouvelle Astrée (1712). These are shown either in modern edition or in digitization of the original. They can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Iconographie. Images from the illustrated edition of 1633, images from the Danish edition of 1645, ceramics, and tapestry. Images can be downloaded in JPEG format.

The website also contains a large amount of further information about L’Astrée.

This is a project of the ‘Centre d’Étude de la Langue et de la Littérature Françaises 17e/18e siècles’ of the Université Paris – Sorbonne, in collaboration with the project ARTFL of the University of Chicago. It has various partners.

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