La France dans la Deuxième Guerre mondiale - Frankreich im Zweiten Weltkrieg

In 1998, the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research - CNRS) and the German Historical Institute of Paris (IHAP) signed a research agreement -later also with a third partner, the National Archives- to edit and publish the sources available for the Nazi occupation of France, 1940-1944. The Institut d'histoire du temps présent (IHTP) edited the publication of the reports by the "Préfets" of Vichy and the reports of the German military administration -- the so-called "reports of the Majestic", this Parisian hotel, located avenue Kléber, which housed the Office of the Militärbefehlshaber in Frankreich (MBF), the leading administration for the military occupation of France. The reports of the prefects of the Vichy government are one of the main sources for the history of the occupied area and an important source for the economic, social, cultural history of Occupied France and for the study of the opinion during the Vichy period. "La France dans la Deuxième Guerre mondiale - Edition des rapports du Militärbefehlshaber Frankreich et des Synthèses des rapports des préfets, 1940-1944 --- Frankreich im Zweiten Weltkrieg - Edition der Lageberichte des Militärbefehlshabers Frankreich und der Synthesen der Berichte der französischen Präfekten, 1940-1944", these documents are of crucial importance for the history of the Occupation and are now accessible freely and entirely online.

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