La Camera dei Deputati - Legislature Precedenti

La Camera dei Deputati – Legislature Precedenti provides access to the documents of the Chamber of Deputies in Italy, from its origins until the second last republican legislature. It also gives access to the acts of the parliament in general meeting. The website contains the reports of the meetings, the records of the deputies, the composition of the parliamentary authorities and of the governi della legislatura, and the preliminary work for law designs. In addition, the website also contains some photographs of related topics, for instance meetings and election campaigns.

Material is sorted chronologically. Some texts are shown directly on the website, while other ones are shown in digitized version of the original (in PDF format). Photographs can be downloaded in PDF or JPEG format for Italian parliamentary debates and documents for the Chamber of Deputies in PDF format. Debates of the Assembly and the Commissions and other legislative and parliamentary documents starting from the I to the XII legislations (1948-1996).

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