L’archivio della statistica italiana
The Italian Statistical Office (ISTAT), through approximately 1,500 historical series of statistics, is able to describe the political, cultural, foreign relations, environmental, social and economic changes in Italy from the birth of the State in 1861 untill today. The data, available for downloading, are organized into 22 different subject categories. For some issues - health, justice, demography, landscape - the historical series are available from 1861 to today, for others, they only refer to recent statistical phenomena appeared only in recent years. The historical statistics cover a shorter period in this case. To facilitate the historical reading of each phenomena, the absolute values ​​of the statistics are often accompanied by key indicators (rates, percentages, compositions). Each series is also accompanied by the history of the primary sources used to build the statistics: an account of changes in definitions and in the methodology used is offered below the quantitative information. For a correct use of the data's, the documentation is completed by a Glossary and some Notes. These statistical archives are open to crowdsourcing activities and direct input by experts, researchers and scientific societies can feed the archive directly with the results of their studies. The goal of such an open collaboration is to build a broader dataset and collect more relevant scholarly information for the Italian and International scientific community. To propose the inclusion of new series, please send an email to seriestoriche@istat.it, attaching the excel file along with the related explanatory notes. The proposals found suitable will be published in the archive with the express indication of the author and the source of the data. In July 2011, the system is still in its beta version. In the coming months new thematic areas will be added and in-depth regional, gender and industry data's, as well as new graphic features together with an English version of the site.

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