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Project hosted by the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität of Heidelberg:

"The satirical journal Kladderadatsch was founded in Berlin by Albert Hofmann (1818-1880) and David Kalisch (1820-1872). The first issue was published on May, 7th, 1848 in an edition of 4.000 copies.

The first two volumes appeared with the subtitle "Organ für und von Bummler". In 1849 (issue 32) the subtitle was changed to "Humoristisch-satyrisches (later "satirisches Wochenblatt"). From 1908 onwards the title simply was Kladderadatsch. Publication ceased in 1944 .

Kladderadatsch was the only satirical magazine of Berlin that survived the 1848 revolution in Germany and that existed - after having converted to the liberal-conservative side - for more than 90 years. The magazine's humorous and critical articles were full of local colour and Kladderadatsch soon became Berlin's favourite."

The journal can be browsed by year and viewed as high-resolution images. Pages can also be downloaded in PDF format.

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