Jubilothèque, la Bibliothèque numérique scientifique de l'UPMC
The Jubilothèque gives access to the digital version of books and scientific theses held in the collections of the Pierre & Marie Curie University Libraries": "The primary mode of access offered is the image mode (JPEG 150 dpi). The website enables navigation between adjacent pages, the displaying of thumbnails (see "page number" entries) and the use of tables of contents entries when they exist. Other features of the interface include the possibility to zoom on a page (300 dpi image), to display a page in text mode or search on the full text (uncorrected OCR), to print or download a document partly or in full." The documents, most of which were published in the XIXth and early XXth centuries, were selected for their interest, in five scientific domains":
  • Physics and Chemistry: "... classical physics and chemistry works of the XIXth century, written by famous scientists (e.g. Joule, Cornu, Foucault, Poincaré…). "
  • History of geology: "...includes mainly printed monographs in french language, a few offprints and two manuscripts, ranging from the end of the XVIIIth century to the beginning of the XXth century. The domains most represented are of course general geology, theories of the earth, paleontology, stratigraphy and mineralogy."
  • Regional geology: "...Every French region is represented, and the whole constitutes a memory of the land, the environment, all the more because many of the sites described have undergone major transformations since. The authors reporting these explorations were often major actors of french geology, who enriched their works with multiple illustrations, maps and geological profiles, thus providing as many tools for the understanding of land formation ".
  • 19th century theses of the Paris Faculty of Science "A scientific committee has selected historical theses on various subjects (mathematics, astronomy, physics; mechanics, chemistry, life and earth sciences). The oldest these available on the site dates back to 1811. The collection gathers texts by important authors (such as D'Orbigny, Becquerel, Pasteur, Poincaré, Quatrefages… etc) and the subjects dealt with bear witness to the evolution of scientific questioning in the XIXth century. The content of theses has varied in the course of time. Before 1840 they might consist only in a few pages on two subjects (main and complementary theses) as only the positions or "programs" of the oral argumentation were recorded. From 1840 onwards, theses were printed integrally, hence documents reaching up to several hundred pages. This digital collection respects the original presentation of theses, by associating inside the same document main and complementary theses when they were published together, or by dissociating them in two documents if there were originally two separate title pages. "
  • Charcot collection contains, manuscripts of lessons and observations by J.M. Charcot (1825-1893); volumes of his complete works dealing with illnesses of the nervous system; atlases with remarkable illustrations; rare journals, such as the "Revue de l’Hypnotisme" or the famous "Iconographie Photographique de la Salpêtrière" (3 volumes of observations of hystero-epileptic patients, with photographic illustrations of the different moments of the crisis)".
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