John Strype's Survey of London

John Strype's Survey of London is the online version of John Strype's Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster (1720).

"John Stow's Elizabethan classic, A Survey of London, was first published in 1598. However, London was dramatically transformed following the Great Fire of 1666 and so an updated, expanded version was published by John Strype. This online edition presents the text, street plans and illustrations of Strype's classic work."

John Strype's Survey of London disposes over extensive keyword search possibilities. Images are available in JPEG format, whereas the text is available only as transcription.

John Strype's Survey of London was made possible with the assistance of: Motco Enterprises Limited (Maps and Illustrations), The British Library, The Leverhulme Trust, and the The University of Sheffield.

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