Istituto per la storia e le memorie del Novecento Parri E-R - Biblioteca digitale

The Istituto per la storia e le memorie del Novecento Parri E-R concentrates on the history and memory of the twentieth century. Originally the institute focused on the political history of the resistance and anti-fascist movement in Italy, but later other topics were included too: the culture and society during the fascist era, the Spanish Civil War, and eventually the entire Italian society of the twentieth century.

On the website of this institute one section – Biblioteca digitale, which is in the process of being expanded – is dedicated to digitized sources.

It is possible to do a free search in all available files of the Biblioteca digitale, or to search in one type of sources only. In addition, it is possible to browse the sources according to type of source (monographs, journals, booklets, posters, photographs, documents, or audiovisual material). For each category of sources specific search options are available.

Every file is accompanied by a short description. Most files can be downloaded, either in jpg or in pdf-format.

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