Irish State Administration Database
The Irish State Administration Database project has been developed as part of the ‘Mapping the Irish State’ project located at the Geary Institute, University College Dublin: "This resource provides a dataset capturing the establishment, growth and evolution of Ireland's state administration from the foundation of the Irish Free State in 1922 to the present. In so doing, it constitutes a major research infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences in Ireland, and is of benefit to political scientists, historians, lawyers, sociologists and specialists in public policy. It should also be of interest to public servants and public representatives. The database records information about all national-level public organisations i.e. central Government departments and the agencies under their aegis, commercial state-owned enterprises and other relevant public bodies and institutions. For each such organisation, the database tracks its creation and any subsequent changes to its organisational status (e.g. mergers with other organisations, privatisations etc) as well as the evolution of its defining characteristics which include its functions, legal status and policy fields within which it operates." Users have to register to access the site, using their email address. After login, users can use search tabs to query the documents by date, event, function, unit, event, legal form, or any combination thereof.

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