Irish in Europe Project – Virtual Research Environment

The Irish in Europe Project promotes scholarly research on Irish migration to continental Europe in the early modern period. Irish in Europe Project – Virtual Research Environment (VRE) offers access to biographical data and other resources about this subject. In December 2014, the website hosts biographical information on about 40.000 Irish migrants to Europe. These are divided in four collections: ‘French military non-officers’, ‘Spanish military and community’, ‘Students in Leuven’, and ‘Students in Paris and Toulouse.’


It is possible to search by surname or region. For each person a record is shown, which contains the known details about this person. If available, it also includes the relevant excerpts from sources about this person, shown in modern edition. By registering as a user more options become available, such as saving searches and exporting search results.


The project was founded in NUI Maynooth. The original information for this project was collected by Trinity College Dublin and the universities of Oxford, Toulouse, and the Complutensian in Madrid.

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