International Joan of Arc Society

This is the website of the International Joan of Arc Society / Société Internationale de l’étude de Jeanne d’Arc. It is an online repository of scholarly and pedagogic information about Joan of Arc. Two sections of the website contain primary sources:

  • ‘Texts related to Joan of Arc.’ This is a collaborative project aiming to give access to texts and translations of the trials of Joan of Arc. In December 2014, various translations of the trials were available, all of them into modern English. The original texts in French and Latin were not provided.
  • ‘Joan imaged.’ Joan of Arc has been represented both in high art and popular culture. This section gives access to movie clips and songs about Joan of Arc, dating from the year 1900 until the end of the 20th century.

The information on this website is collected by faculty of the Southern Methodist University (SMU), independent scholars, and students. It is maintained by faculty of the SMU.

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