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The Institut Virtual Internacional de Traducció (IVITRA) sees translation as the best bridge to achieve interculturality and the effective transmission of ideas. It aims to make the texts of ‘classic books’ accessible, also with translation. Various sections of the website therefore contain editions and translations of classic texts, containing also appendices with elements such as concords, stemming, frequency indices, vocabularies, glossaries, multimedia elements, and educational resources.

The works present on the website relate particularly to the Crown of Aragon in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. They are ordered alphabetically according to title. Available search options are title of the work, author, editor, and translator. While some records only contain a description of the work, other records also include a link to a full-text version of the edition and/or translation, which can also be downloaded as pdf.

IVITRA is supported by a large number of institutions and universities.

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