Il Cracas digitale
The "Diario di Roma" (Journal of Rome) or "Diario d'Ungheria" (Journal of Hungary) was called commonly Cracas and started to be published on the 5th of August 1716 by the two hungarians brothers Luca Antonio e Giovanni Chracas. At the beginning they wanted to follow the war in Hungary between the emperor Carlo VI and the Sultan Achmet III. The news arrived in Rome passing through Vienna using the postal service. In 1719, after the war, the newspaper continued to be published and became the most important in Rome. Until 1771 the Cracas remained the property of Caterina Chracas, Lucantonio's daughter. Other directors were Vincenzo Giannini, Gaetano Cavalletti, Pietro Magnani and Giovanni de Angelis. Until his last year of publication, 1894, the Cracas published all religious, political and military news for Rome together with other news coming from the rest of Italy and foreign countries. The Cracas is a fundamental source for the history of two centuries The digital version, 1716-1836 is coming from the collections preserved by the Casanatense Library (613 volumes in 8°). The files are available in two formats: TIFF (300 dpi) for the preservation of the digital archive and PDF for consultation on the web. Digitisation is ongoing and when complete the journal will be available online until 1894.

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