HyperHamlet focuses on the cultural history of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in quotations. It allows users to search four centuries of Hamlet quotations. In total there are quotations by 3318 authors from different periods, languages, and genres.

In December 2015 the core collection consisted in almost 9000 quotations, attached to the lines they refer to or sorted by the characters and scenes they mention. The complete collection consisted in over 10.000 entries, including indirect references, vague anonymous traces, and even earlier occurrences of phrases found in Hamlet.

There are various options to search the database (both quick and advanced search). In addition, users can browse the entire text of Hamlet, with little arrows to the right of the lines opening a window with extracts of other works that quote this line. These references in other works are accompanied by various details, such as date, genre, language, etcetera. Quotations can be sorted by date, author, or line. Entries in English, German, and French are given only in the original language; for all other languages, translations are added or given instead of the original.

‘HyperHamlet’ is a project by Regula Hohl Trillini and Sixta Quassdorf of the University of Basel.

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