HNAG Database of Irish Historical Statistics

Project by the Historical National Accounting Group (HNAG) which was set up in 1994 "with a view to furthering the field of research into Irish historical national accounts. Most countries of western Europe, except Ireland, have developed a complete set of historical national accounts - even though in many of these countries the underlying data are no better than in Ireland, at least from the 1840s onwards. This gap hampers indigenous research on Irish economic history, and also results in the neglect of Ireland in most comparative international studies of historical economic development."

The HNAG database is "intended as a common resource for all scholars working in the field of Irish economic history". The database is organised in the following sections: agriculture, finance, industry, labour, population, prices, trade and miscellaneous. The information is offered as datasets in Excel format or as PDF files (in the case of information taken from printed sources).

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