Historical Archives of the European Union – Oral History

The aims of the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) are to preserve and provide access to the archives deposited by EU institutions, to collect and preserve private papers of individuals, movements and international organizations involved in European integration, to facilitate research on the history of the European Union, to promote public interest in European integration, and to enhance transparency in the functioning of EU institutions.

The HAEU are also the repository for various oral history programmes, launched to preserve the voices of European politicians and officials. The HAEU preserve the original recordings and written transcripts and makes these materials available for research. This website brings together the transcripts pertaining to all the oral history programmes. In October 2015 there were 595 interviews, divided among six distinct programmes: Voices on Europe, the European Commission 1958-1973, the European Commission 1973-1986, Europe in Space, EUI Interviews, and Jean Monnet – Statesman of Interdependence. Access to interviews may be subject to prior authorisation.

Interviews can be browsed alphabetically by interviewee, either for the entire collection or for one of the six subcollections.

The transcripts of the interviews are described in a short abstract and indexed by keywords. They are available in PDF format and can be downloaded.

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