Historical and cultural heritage of the Yeniseisk town

Historical and cultural heritage of the Yeniseisk town is a project that collects visual documents in order to model the historical architectural network of Yeniseisk. Yeniseisk is a Siberian city, with a rich administrative and commercial history. Its buildings date back to the 18th and 19th century. When in the late 19th century railroads were constructed to the south, the river transportation networks suffered from this, which resulted in the regional centre moving south and Yeniseisk losing status.

The project focuses on the churches, private buildings, hospitals, schools, and merchant warehouses of Yeniseisk. For each building a series of photographs is provided. In addition, for various buildings panoramas, 3D-reconstructions, and historical photographs are available. Each image is linked to a map of the city. Information on the building is also given.

Basic search in the entire collection is possible.

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