Het Utrechts Archief
The digital collections of the city archives of Utrecht provide access to a wide number of documents that are primarily related to the history of the city. There are two main sections, each with their own search options:
  • The newspaper section contains a collection of historical Utrecht newspapers. Amongst others, users can consult all the volumes of the digital version of the Utrechts Nieuwsblad during the years 1893-1967. Because of copyrights and agreements with publishers, only part of each page (1400*1800 pixels) can be selected, opened, or downloaded.
  • The manuscripts section contains scans of manuscripts from before 1800. There is an image of the original document, a transcription, and a Dutch translation (of Latin texts only) available, in addition to explanatory notes.
  • The image database provides access to some 145.000 images, postcards, movies, and drawings.
  • There is also more digital archival material available, but consulting these digital documents is not free of charge. The digital archives of Utrecht are maintained by the Utrechts Archief
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