Hemeroteca Municipal de Lisboa - Portuguese periodicals online
The Hemeroteca Municipal de Lisboa (HML) is a digital library of the periodical press in Portugal and was created by the Municipal Library of Lisbon. Among the digitized journals are the following titles:
  • Actas das Sessões da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Minutes of Proceedings of the Municipality of Lisbon) (1886-1926).
  • A Capital (Capital ), Series I (1910-1938).
  • Feira da Ladra ( Flea Market)(1929-1943).
  • Gazeta de Lisboa (Gazette of Lisbon) (1715-1833).
  • Olisipo: grupo “Amigos de Lisboa” (Olisipo: group "Friends of Lisbon”) (1938-1990).
  • Revista Municipal (Municipal Journal) (1939-1973/1979-1988).
  • Revista Universal Lisbonense (Universal Lisbonense Journal) (1841-1859). The complete list of digitized journals and newspapers is accessible here. Documents can be viewed as images or downloaded in PDF format.
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