Hansard 1803-2005

Hansard 1803-2005 is the digital version of the Hansard, the official printed transcripts of the debates that took place in the British Parliament.

The information presented on the website is "generated from the publicly available XML files. Material on this site remains under Parliamentary Copyright. Information used to make this site has been provided by the Hansard Digitisation Project, led by the Directorate of Information Services of the House of Commons and the Library of the House of Lords. The site is still undergoing development and experimentation, and further features may be added in due course. Work to improve the quality of the data is also ongoing."

The website can be searched by keywords or browsed in a variety of ways:

"There's Hansard itself; by volume, just the Lords sittings, Commons sittings or Westminster Hall sittings. You can also view Written Answers, Written Statements, Lords reports or Grand Committee reports.
We also have extracted lists of People who are recorded as having spoken, Constituencies, Offices, Acts, Bills and Divisions. You can also see information about the Source files containing the original XML and the Data files we generate from them."

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