Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek – Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek

The Digital Library of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek – Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek contains various sections; some of them containing digitized primary sources:

  • ‘Datenbanken.’ Large collection of links to electronic databases. Many of them contain digitized primary sources and are freely accessible online.
  • ‘Elektronische Zeitschriften.’ Electronic scientific journals.
  • ‘Digitale Sammlungen.’ This section contains manuscripts and old prints from the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek. This collection was founded in the 17th century. In August 2014, 274 documents were available, dating from the 16th-20th centuries. Basic and advanced search are available.
  • ‘Weitere Digitalisate.’ Contains links to two collections: one of digitized copperplates from the 17th-18th centuries; the other one of manuscripts on nature, medical science and technics by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716).
  • ‘Niedersächsisches Online-Archiv (NOA).’ Electronic publications from Lower Saxony.

Images can be downloaded: some in pdf format, other ones in jpeg format.

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