Gli albi della memoria

Gli albi della memoria focuses on the victims from the Italian province of Reggio Emilia during the wars from 1820 until 1945, civilians that were deported and soldiers that were interned in 1940-1945, and persecuted anti-fascist politicans. It is an open website to which people can contribute with photographs, letters, and documents.

Users can search in the separate registers or simultaneously in all registers, with many different search options available. There are also many different collections of photographs available that can be browsed (images can be downloaded in JPEG format). The website also contains other types of information, such as photographs of monuments to the fallen, and statistical information.

This is a website by Istoreco (Istituto per la Storia della Resistenza e della Società contemporanea in provincia di Reggio Emilia), with the support of the Italian Ministery of Defence.

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