Giovanni Pascoli nello specchio delle sue carte

Giovanni Pascoli nello specchio delle sue carte contains the digitized version of the entire archive of the correspondence and autographs of the Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli (1855-1912), preserved in Pascoli’s house in Castelvecchio (Barga, Italy). Other features of the website include photographs of Pascoli’s house and its objects, a bibliography on Pascoli, and multimedia material. Moreover, under ‘Strumenti – Pubblicazioni on line’ there is a list of links to full-text versions of Pascoli’s works.

In total there are over 60.000 digitized documents on the website. These are:

  • Documents of Giovanni Pascoli (ca. 36.000 documents)
  • Documents of his sister Maria (ca. 24.000 documents)
  • Ca. 1600 photographs, many of which taken by Pascoli
  • Ca. 6000 newspapers with articles by or about Pascoli, often containing comments by Pascoli or his sister Maria

Material can be found either by browsing through the various categories of the archive, or by searching. Search options include type of material, date, call number, sender or receiver of the letter, title of the manuscript, etcetera. Documents are shown in high resolution and zoom options are available. Furthermore, under ‘Strumenti – Ricerca nei cataloghi’ it is possible to search simultaneously in the digitized material of this website, the library at Pascoli’s house in Castelvecchio, the objects in Pascoli’s house, and the bibliography on Pascoli.

This project was supported by the Soprintendenza Archivistica della Toscana in collaboration with the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.

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