Gazettes of London, Edinburgh and Belfast
The website provides free online access to the Gazettes of London, Edinburgh and Belfast: "TSO (The Stationery Office) publishes the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes under the authority and superintendence of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. The Gazettes constitute the Government's Official Newspaper of Record and are able to provide users with a single source of regulatory and legal information in print, online and electronic formats. The Gazettes continue to be an efficient method of recording and disseminating up-to-date relevant information to professional and specialist audiences. For example, information published in insolvency notices in the gazettes, has for many years been at the heart of the financial and corporate credit industries." Information in the gazettes "is grouped into the following categories: State, Parliament, Ecclesiastical, Public Finance, Transport, Planning, Health, Environment, Water, Agriculture & Fisheries, Energy, Post & Telecom, Competition, Corporate Insolvency, Personal Insolvency, Companies & Financial Regulations, Partnerships, Societies Regulation, Personal Legal. [...] Each category contains a number of sub-categories, which may then be broken down into notice types to enable users to find the information they need." Recent gazettes can be browsed by category or issue number. Users can also search the archives by event, dates or full text. The digitized gazettes can be viewed in PDF-format.

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