The project ‘Fuggerzeitungen’ focuses on a body of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century handwritten newsletters, collected by the brothers Octavian Secundus (1549-1600) and Philipp Eduard  Fugger (1546-1618). They contain reports from various European cities, but also from America, North Africa and Asia. They vary in length from a few lines to six pages (with an average of two pages). When the library of the Fuggers was sold to the Imperial Library in 1656, the Fuggerzeitungen also came from Augsburg to Vienna. Today the Viennese collection of Fuggerzeitungen – preserved in the Austrian National Library – includes in twenty-seven manuscript volumes more than 15,000 individual newsletters and 1,000 other documents, covering the period 1568 to 1605.

By clicking on ‘Zeitungen’ it is possible to search in the database. Search options are places (both the place from which the newsletter was sent, or a place mentioned in the text), one or more persons, language, date, or signature. In addition, by using free search (‘Suche’) it is possible to search for all newsletters bearing the same date, coming from the same place, or preserved in the same volume. It is possible to distinguish between ‘Zeitungen’ (newsletters) and ‘Dokument’ (all documents other than newsletters). Furthermore, material can be browsed by person or by place (under ‘Personen’ and ‘Orte’ respectively).

Detailed records and interactive maps are shown for each search result. Furthermore, the database contains the complete digital collection of the Fuggerzeitungen (under ‘Faksimiles’). Each record is linked to the corresponding volume. Material is shown in high definition and can be downloaded in JPEG format.

In addition to the database and the digitized sources, the website also contains a range of information on the Fuggerzeitungen.

The project was funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). It is hosted at the Austrian Institute of Historical Research (IÖG) and has been pursued in cooperation with the Department of Manuscripts and Old Prints of the Austrian National Library in Vienna.

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