Francophone Music Criticism, 1789-1914
The Francophone Music Criticism is also avaible as a digital library in a DSpace remote Open Access Repository under the name of "Francophone Music Criticism 1789-1914". This was a project of the SAS (School of Advanced Studies) at the University of London in 2006-2008 in partnership with the University of Southampton. "The FMC provides a repository of digitized, searchable primary texts relating to French music and ballet in the nineteenth century. Texts are grouped into the following collections devoted to particular works, events, series, performers or authors, resulting in a significant corpus of reviews and articles never before available on open access." All documents are now accessed via the 'Search Collections' button". The FMC Sub-collections are:
  • FMC Collection 1: Blaze de Bury: Writings on Music in the Revue des deux mondes (188 files)
  • FMC Collection 2: Massenet, La Navarraise, Paris premiere. Dossier de presse (46 files)
  • FMC Collection 3: Mascagni, Cavalleria rusticana, Paris premiere. Dossier de presse (34 files)
  • FMC Collection 4: Meyerbeer Centenary Celebrations, Paris 1891 (40 files)
  • FMC Collection 5: Le Tannhauser in Paris, 1861 (81 files)
  • FMC Collection 6: Complete Criticism of Joseph d'Ortigue (165 files: under construction)
  • FMC Collection 7: Rossini Guillaume Tell. Paris premiere (1829) and 1831 performance dossier de presse (117 files)
  • FMC Collection 8: Meyerbeer, Les Huguenots premiere, dossier de presse (54 files)
  • FMC Collection 9: François-Auguste Gevaert: The Parisian Operas (191 files)
  • FMC Collection 10: Camille Saint-Saëns: Writings (1872-1874) (32 files)
  • FMC Collection 11: The Société Nationale de Musique in Le ménestrel 135 files)
  • FMC Collection 13: Carafa, Le solitaire (39 files)
  • FMC Collection 14: Mozart, Don Giovanni (1866) (50 files) An important contribution to this collection of primary sources also are the bibliographical resources about the FMC (Francophone Music Criticism) Collections compiled at the Institute of Musical Research, University of London.
  • A List of pseudonyms
  • A List of Paris Music Drama Performances. "This document ... gives performance data for the four principal Parisian opera houses for the following periods: Opéra (1826-1893); Opéra-Comique (1825-1894); Théâtre-Italien (1801-1913); Théâtre-Lyrique (1851-1870).
    It brings together the data listed in the four following works:

    • Soubies, Albert, Soixante-sept ans à l’Opéra en une page du ‘Siège de Corinthe’ a ‘La Walkyrie’ (1826-1893) (Paris: Fischbacher, 1893)
    • Soubies, Albert, Soixante-neuf ans à l’Opéra-Comique en deux pages de la première de ‘La dame blanche’ à la millième de ‘Mignon’ (1825-1894) (Paris: Fischbacher, 1894)
    • Soubies, Albert, Le Théâtre-Italien de 1801 à 1913 (Paris: Fischbacher, 1913)
    • Soubies, Albert, Histoire du Théâtre-Lyrique (1851-1870) (Paris: Fischbacher, 1899)

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