Family website De Filippis-Delfico (Teramo, 1820)

The website of the De Filippis-Delfico family contains documents and images from the private archives of the heirs of the Delfico and De Filippis Delfico families. The De Filippis family is a noble family from 18th-century Naples, while the Delfico family goes back to Teramo in the 15th century. Through a marriage of two of their members in Teramo in 1820, they became the De Filippis-Delfico family.

This website contains much information concerning these families. It also contains a section with primary sources: ‘Biblioteca / Archivio.’ This consists of various categories:

  • Books
  • Newspapers, journals, and magazines
  • Other publications
  • Letters
  • Acts of parishes and the state
  • Other archival documents
  • Images

Most of the texts are shown as modern editions (in some cases also with translation from Latin), but there are also some digitized versions of the original documents. Regarding the books and articles: there are both articles and books written about and by the families in the 19th century, as well as texts written about them nowadays.

Material can be browsed according to category. Within each category it is ordered chronologically (with exception of the gallery of images, which is ordered according to the people shown on the images, and with exception of the letters, which are ordered first according to people and then chronologically). It is also possible to do a free search for the entire website.

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