eZISS – Scholarly digital editions of Slovenian literature

eZISS – Scholarly digital editions of Slovenian literature offers online access to selected Slovenian texts in both facsimiles and transcriptions, as well as scholarly commentaries and in some cases audiovisual recordings. These documents focus on Slovenian literature, going from medieval manuscripts and folk songs to literary works. Each source is shown in a variety of editions. The following categories of sources are available:

  • Freising manuscripts. The earliest documents of Slovenian culture, written shortly before the year 1000. Two of them are penitential forms; the third one is a sermon. A series of diplomatic, critical, and phonetic transcriptions and translations are offered. In addition, a spoken reconstruction in early Slovenian (the language of the manuscripts) is offered.
  • Škofja Loka passion play. This text was written in 1725-1727 for the penitent procession in Škofja Loka, by Father Romuald. In addition to an edition of the text, the website also offers the video recording of this passion play in 1999.
  • Municipal oaths. This is a collection of 36 Slovenian oaths from municipal authorities, composed up to the beginning of the 19th century. Most of them are oaths of office, while judicial ones represent less than a fifth of the total.
  • Borough and professional oaths. A collection of 18 Slovenian oaths from borough authorities and from non-agrarian professional groups. They date from the 17th until the mid-19th century.
  • Correspondence of Žige Zoisa. Žige Zoisa (1747-1819) was a central figure of the Slovenian enlightenment. He corresponded with many important European personalities. In November 2014, 25 of his letters were available.
  • Three sermons of Anton Martin Slomšek (1800-1862) on language.
  • From the Road. This is an essayistic novel by Izidor Cankar (1886-1958), written in the form of a travel diary. It illustrates the ideological, philosophical, and aesthetic dilemmas from the fin de siècle.
  • Collected poems of Anton Podbevšek (1898-1981). These comprise all presently known poems by Podbevšek, in their various versions, as well as previously mostly unpublished manuscripts.

Each category of sources has different ways of browsing the material, different formats for the sources, and different options for download.

This is a project of the Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies ZRC SAZU and the Department of Knowledge Technologies at the Jožef Stefan Institute.

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