Exilpresse digital. Deutsche Exilzeitschriften 1933-1945

Project by the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek:

"In this project, the Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933 - 1945 of Die Deutsche Bibliothek digitalised select exile newspapers and journals held by it, and supplemented by the Sammlung Exil-Literatur 1933 - 1945 of the Deutsche Bücherei Leipzig and other libraries. "Exilpresse digital" was Die Deutsche Bibliothek's contribution as partner library to the joint project "AG Sammlung Deutscher Drucke", in which it is responsible for the period from 1913 on. As part of the programme "Verteilte Digitale Forschungsbibliothek" , sponsored by the German Research Foundation to digitally preserve endangered library materials, Die Deutsche Bibliothek's work has ensured the long-term preservation and accessibility of exile periodicals. The effort simultaneously represents a contribution to the project "Bibliotheca universalis", which has received the support of the Conference of Ministers of the seven leading industrial nations (G7)."

Exilpresse digital contains a selection of 30 journals, including several Jewish publications.

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