Exhibitions of the Royal Photographic Society 1870-1915

Exhibitions of the Royal Photographic Society 1870-1915 is a database containing over 45.000 records from the annual exhibition catalogues of the Photographic Society in London, published between 1870 and 1915. It contains:

  • Detailed records of all the exhibits, plus information about exhibitors, judges, hanging and selecting committee members, photographs, and companies
  • Reproductions of all the catalogue pages
  • All the pictures of the photographs that were printed in the catalogues, plus some contemporary illustrations from the anual publication Photograms of the Year
  • Reviews of the exhibitions from the annual publication Photograms of the Year

The material can be browsed by catalogue data, catalogue pages, review pages, or pictures of exhibits. It is also possible to search for information in the catalogues (both basic and advanced search are possible), and to refine search results. Catalogue pages and pictures can be downloaded in JPEG format.

The project is maintained by De Montfort University. It was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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