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The Europa's Publications Office Digital Library is part of the Publications Office of the European Union now with the "scanning of 12 million pages which makes more than 110 000 EU publications available free of charge for download in the EU Bookshop Digital Library. It offers all publications ever edited by the Publications Office on behalf of the EU institutions, agencies and other bodies since 1952.

The EU Bookshop is a valuable information source for citizens, journalists, education professionals, students, librarians, publishers, and anybody interested in Europe, in 50 languages, including the possibility of ordering printed copies."

"The Publications Office's archives have long represented a veritable treasure trove of European history. These publications can once again see the virtual light of day through the Publications Office Digital Library.

The Publications Office Digital Library was a response to a growing demand to digitise out-of-print publications. In 2007, the Publications Office launched a PDF-on-demand service, wherein users could request publications to be retrieved from the archives and scanned as needed. They turned out to be in such high demand that within six months the service was saturated. To better serve the users, it was decided to scan the industrial volumes of the entire archive.

The result – less than two years later – is an electronic library of more than 14 million pages of web-optimised PDFs progressively available to the public free of charge. Public response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the numbers speak for themselves: total PDF downloads jumped from just 65 000 in 2008 to an expected 230 000 per month for 2009."

The Europa's Digital Library is part of the Publications Office of the European Union. The "Publications Office is an interinstitutional office whose task is to publish the publications of the institutions of the European Communities and the European Union (see Euratom Decision No 2009/496/EC).

  • The Publications Office publishes daily the Official Journal of the European Union in 22 or 23 languages (in the Irish language when the publication is necessary), a unique phenomenon in the publishing world.
  • It publishes or co-publishes publications entrusted to the Office in the context of the institutions’ communication activities.

Moreover, the Publications Office offers a number of online services giving free access to information on EU law (EUR-Lex), EU publications (EU Bookshop), public procurement (TED), and EU research and development (CORDIS).

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