Europa Film Treasures
Europa Film Treasures aims to put the European cinematographic heritage online and is based on a partnership with various archive resources and film archives in Europe (see an overview of participating archives here: "For a century, amateurs, collectors, and archives have gathered films existing today only by miracle: bits of film eaten into by humidity or heat, decomposed or even in ashes, discovered right on time or just too late... These surviving images have withstood time thanks to the efforts of film archives, which preserve a good part of the world's memory in picture... For quite a while, the chief European film archives have been endeavouring to rediscover these treasures by numerous collective or individual initiatives. Europa Film Treasures opens a new window on this meticulous and passionate work. In collaboration with the legal successors (when they have been identified) and depositaries, you will discover on this website a few examples of these precious films come from all over the world but safeguarded in Europe. From comedy to science fiction, from westerns to animation, from erotic to ethnological movies, Europa Film Treasures dives into the moving heritage of European cultural and political history, through each film archive working on preserving their movies. The site will be regularly expanded by new contributions: films, documents, interviews, programs; and in a few weeks, all the information and film selection will be available in five languages." The collection of movies can be browsed by archive, time period, country of origin, genre, type of colour and sound, It is also possible to search for title, director or actor.

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