Epistolario di Anton Francesco Gori

Anton Francesco Gori (1691-1757) was a scholar of Antiquity, a philologist, and theologian, from Florence, where he lived his entire life. He was a clergyman, who wrote and edited numerous books. He was in contact with scholars and editors, with whom he also corresponded. About 10.000 letters are known from him. These letters provide information on the creation of many of Gori’s books, as well as on events from his own life and on culture between 1727 and 1756.

Epistolario di Anton Francesco Gori provides online access to Gori’s letters, both incoming and outgoing. Basic and advanced search are possible (under ‘La ricerca’). Each letter is accompanied by extensive information, such as call number, correspondents, date, place, and subject. The letters are shown in modern edition.

This is an ongoing project. It is maintained by the University of Florence. The original letters are kept at the Biblioteca Marucelliana in Florence.

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