Epaveldas - Lithuanian Digital Cultural Heritage
This website is the outcome of an EU-funded digitisation programme bringing together books, newspapers, art works, manuscripts and church registers from the National Library of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Art Museum and the Lithuanian Archives Department in a single databank. The project is ongoing. The following sources are currently available: Prints and manuscripts:
  • old Lithuanian books (1547-1863).
  • documents from the press ban period (1864-1904).
  • books in Latin published in Lithuania in the 16th-18th c.
  • books in Polish published in Lithuania.
  • Lithuanian periodicals prior to 1940 (List of periodicals available on this portal).
  • art exhibition catalogues.
  • legislative acts and other official documents of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • manuscripts and archival documents reflecting Lithuanian social or communal identity.
  • parchments.
  • the collection of the Synod of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Lithuania (documents from 1413-1938).
  • the archive of the Lithuanian Art Museum.
  • a collection of historical acts of Lithuania Minor. Art:
  • 16th-20th c. painting, pastel watercolour painting.
  • graphic art of the 16th-20th c.
  • foreign graphic art from the 16th-20th c.
  • historical photography.
  • a collection of sphragistics.
  • 16th-20th c. textile art.
  • traditional painting.
  • traditional carving.
  • drawings.
  • traditional weavings. Archives:
  • Roman Catholic Church registers of birth, marriage and death (1599-1907): 705 complete volumes of registers tracing as far back as the 16th c. from 22 churches across Lithuania. The databank can be searched by creator/ title/ subject or keywords/ free text and year of creation. An advanced search lets users add criteria such as language.
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