EEVA: Digital Text Repository for Older Estonian Literature

EEVA: Digital Text Repository for Older Estonian Literature provides access to old rare texts that have played an important role in Estonian cultural history. It contains texts from the 13th century until the mid-19th century. These books are mainly scanned printed texts. When the first editions are not available, EEVA aims to use as early and as authoritative editions as possible. It is planned that in the future manuscripts and e-books will also be included. EEVA tries to contribute to the comparative study of the multilingual Baltic cultural space, and therefore contains texts in Estonian, German, Russian, French, Latin, Greek, and Latvian.

In November 2014, over 6500 texts were available from almost 800 authors, with a total of over 76.000 scanned text files. Basic and advanced search in the entire collection are possible. In addition, texts can be browsed according to period.

Extensive information is provided for each text. Images are shown in high definition and zoom options are available. They can be downloaded in PNG format.

EEVA is a joint project of the University of Tartu Library and the Department of Literature and Folklore of the University of Tartu, in collaboration with the Estonian Literary Museum.

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