ECB - European Central Bank Archives
The European Central Bank Archives (ECB) holds records and files from:
  • the Committee of Governors of the Central Banks of the Member States of the European Community (1964-93)
  • the European Monetary Institute (EMI, 1994-98)
  • the European Central Bank (1998-) A list of Committee of Governors' files older than 30 years if freely and fully accessible through the web: Agendas and minutes: the Committee of Governors’ meeting agendas and minutes older than 30 years The 3,500 Committee of Governors’ files amount to approximately 145 linear metres of paper-based material. The files include handwritten notes, typewritten correspondence and memoranda, and are organised as follows: 1) Committee of Governors (1964-93) 2) European Monetary Cooperation Fund administration 3) Liaison (e.g. European institutions, Intergovernmental Conference, central banks, national and international organisations) 4) Collections (e.g. country issues)" The list of files which was older than 30 years in 2006 is available here:  pdf 122 kB, en
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