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The E-Fimeris project ("e-φημερίς" ) offers five national Greek newspapers fully available through the Greek National Library. The database is accessible here

ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ - 1944-1967
ΕΜΠΡΟΣ - 1896-1969
ΡΙΖΟΣΠΑΣΤΗΣ - 1917- 1983
ΣΚΡΙΠ - 1893-1911
ΤΑΧΥΔΡΟΜΟΣ (της Αιγύπτου) - 1958-1977

"The Greek National Library welcomes you to its Digital Newspapers Collection e-fimeris [...] one of the biggest projects in Greece for the digitisation of Newspapers. Now we are able to offer through the Internet a huge collection consisting of 220.006 pages, which can be retrieved chronologically. With the help of the OCR technology, a researcher can also browse the content of all those 220.006 pages in order to find and retrieve a specific article or a word. In the ELEFTHERIA newspaper, a researcher can browse articles from a total amount of 944.361 ones. Addition to that, in newspaper RIZOSPASTIS, an article can be retrieved among 33.851 ones, searching for it by the title or by the author...."

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