E-codices. Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland

E-codices provides digital access to medieval and selected early modern manuscripts that are currently kept in various libraries throughout Switzerland. At present (July 2012) the virtual library contains 902 manuscripts from 40 different libraries. The website will be continuously updated and extended.  "The goal of e-codices is to provide access to the medieval manuscripts of Switzerland via a virtual library. On the e-codices site, complete digital reproductions of the manuscripts are linked with corresponding scholarly descriptions. Our aim is to serve not only manuscript researchers, but also interested members of the general public...."

E-codices provides complete digital reproductions in JPEG format of the available manuscripts. Users can browse the holdings of the individual libraries, or the index of authors. Extensive search options are also available.  The manuscripts can be browsed by library, author, date or place of origin, and are offered as high-resolution images.

E-codices is maintained by the Medieval Institute of the University of Fribourg. The project is overseen by the "Codices electronici Confoederationis Helveticae" (CeCH) Curatorium of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW).


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