The Doegen Records Web Project

The Doegen Records Web Project is an online archive of Irish dialect sound recordings made during 1928-1931, by native Irish speakers from 17 counties. It includes examples of dialects that are now extinct. The collection also includes a speech in English by W.T. Cosgrave, who was head of the Irish government that funded the recording scheme. In total the collection consists in 212 records, containing ca. 400 tracks. These include folktales, versions of the parable of the Prodigal Son, songs (both sung and spoken), discourses, prayers, and miscellaneous items of vocabulary such as recitations of the numbers 1 to 30 or the days of the week.

The collection can be browsed by county, speaker, or title, or by clicking a county on the map. Basic search in the entire collection is also possible.

Audio fragments can either be listened to on the website or downloaded in mp3 format. They are accompanied by a transcription, a translation into English, extensive metadata, and a commentary. In addition to the audio material, there is a body of information about the speakers. This information is shown both in transcription, and in the digitized version of the original personal details forms.

‘The Doegen Records Web Project’ is a project of the Royal Irish Academy Library in collaboration with the Digital Humanities Observatory.

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