Touring Club Italiano (TCI) is an Italian non-profit organization, founded in 1894, focusing on tourism, culture, and environment. Its archives contain about 700.000 items, including photographs, diapositives, postcards, maps, guides, journals, letters, and various other types of sources. TCI is now making this accessible online, through a website that was launched in December 2014. The website, entitled Digitouring, provided access to the following digitized resources:

  • Photographs of early excursions
  • Parts of the photographic archive including some of the foreign collections
  • Photographs of sporting events
  • Photographs of the First World War
  • The Bersani Collection with the first visitor routes in post-Unification Italy
  • Part of the collection of historical maps
  • Complete, full-text, and searchable series of the Rivista Mensile, the official TCI magazine from 1895 to 1920

In December 2014 the digital collection included over 20.000 objects, among which 2.150 photographs, 50 postcards, 118 old maps and 484 modern ones.

The material can be browsed thematically, or by basic or advanced search. Each image is accompanied by detailed information. Images are shown in high definition and can be downloaded in JPEG and PDF format.

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